img_0201             Picture Courtesy by: Bismah C

For a week now I have looked at this picture. It may not be the most breadth taking click of a sunrise, but it left me dazzled at that time when my daughter borrowed my phone to capture it; and I opened my eyes to this view. Since then I kept putting words through poetry or philosophy, but nothing justified the feeling I held in this picture.

And then, I met a friend. It’s amazing how some people bring in more sunshine to your life then the warmth of the sun itself.

I’ve always remembered her with a smile, but when I met her now, she carried a fortitude and endurance hidden to many, who couldn’t get past that smile. She’s encountered a tragedy in her life, but she holds a firmness to move forward with every determination she can muster. I was looking for a word that could embellish the everyday morning light; the sun rising and spreading its warmth for a promising day… nothing stops it from its way. Her smile gave me the answer; a smile that comes with a warmth and spreads to anyone who can feel it.

We value so many things in our lives which turns meaningless, yet we forget to value those who give more meaning to our lives.

This one is for you my ‘Friend’ !











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